Leaving Edit


So, yeah. I guess this is it. I guess I'm leaving roblox. We should really blame this on hauntguy360. He's a hacker, a cheat, a game exploiter, a blackmailer, and a huge leaker. In the past, we have gotten several reports of orbers getting hacked my him. I don't even know why people fucking praise him for this. I don't even know why I joined the community in the first place. The community is fucking falling apart each minute, and we don't even do anything to help it. And you know why I'm leaving ROBLOX soon? Because of hauntguy360 (also known on twitter as HauntTheCoolest). He hacked Crystals of Fire Origins (a WIP game that he got a copy of for some unknown reason) and released it. He told me to apologize to the whole community, even though he never told me what to apologize for. It's his fault. He tried to blackmail spencergamer, and now several other people like Rebloxicon2 and mopbloxion are onto this, even though I didn't do anything to them. I mean, what the fuck? What in the hell were they thinking? Like they think they are so cool that they HAD to pick bones with me? Haunt, this isn't a game anymore. The Orb Community is so fucking dead right now, and it's being beaten with a club still. One_Program is being suspicious, Hauntguy360 is a fucking blackmailing bitch, BadTheBloxxer is a dick, and Rebloxicon2 is a huge dick as well (I don't even know why he is involved in this). Leaving the Orb Community will be the top number-one decision to pick if you are in the community, and if you are in the community, then I recommend you do that right away. Never be around with these faggots, and the only people to trust are spencergamer, Fatghostthingy, and Tinfoilbot. And that's it. If you are not in the community, then do NOT join. I repeat, do NOT join a community that is completely unstable to even stay in. It's like staying in a school bus that is hanging over a cliff, and how it's going to fall off of it completely. Now I'm glad I quit the community with spencergamer instead of staying. If I stayed, then boom. A whole other shitstorm appears. Haunt, for your extreme, unreasonable hate towards me, and for your unacceptable behavior, fuck you. Fuck you for being a cheating, lying troll bitch. I can't believe that people I have been around for three years would do such mind-boggling things like this. It's absolutely disgusting. Hacking other orbers, making pointless arguments, starting wars just because you want to, forcing other orbers to apologize even though they don't have a reason to, exploiting other people's hard work and releasing it and pretending it's your own. THAT is hauntguy360 in a nutshell. And that is basically the rest of the orb community as well. Hauntguy360 will never be forgiven, and shall not be forgiven for such terrible and abysmal acts. Especially THIS. The true and only COF Origins will never see the light of day again, because of certain faggots who think this was a great idea. "Oh, I know! We should hack DeliciousBakedPie's game and repost it, and then we troll and pretend that WE made it! And let's also get his friends to get on in it just to piss him off!" And that's probably exactly what happened. BadTheBloxxer, fuck you. Hauntguy360, fuck you. Rebloxicon2, fuck you. You are all uncaring dickbags who like to suck Waluigi's dick. What represents me right now is a small kitten getting run over by a two-story bus. And that's how I feel right now. Now I'm glad I'm leaving the community. Rebloxicon2 is probably going to be a dick right as I post this, and make his own version of tweet to make me look like this whole thing is from a whiny bitch. And I probably AM a whiny bitch, but did you really have to hack my game and repost it? Fucking really? Did you REALLY have to? I said you can have Greenboy Orb 8, but NOOOOO! You said you wanted COF ORIGINS. AND YOU ALREADY HAD THE FUCKING GAME. AND YOU DIDNT HAVE TO FUCKING RELEASE IT EVEN IF SOMEONE TOLD YOU IT WAS A GOOD IDEA. I'm so fed up with this shit. And this is why I am leaving ROBLOX. Making orb games are not worth it anymore, so why continue? The community should have died right after Tinfoilbot left ROBLOX. If haunt told me what I had to apologize for, then this would never have happened. But we all know who's to blame, don't we?