Crystals of Fire 1 is the first game in the Crystals of Fire series. It was created on 6/23/2016. The game has 9 badges. This game introduces a new villan called Maximus the Demon. Maximus kidnaps Deliciousbakedpie inside a pyramid-shaped cage, and the player must go and save Deliciousbakedpie.

Description Edit

NOTE: this game is based off of tinfoilbots spencergamers mickys and other peoples games!! maximus is an character i maded myself along with other characters

story: oh no it a new villain here to rule this day!! it a fiery demon named maximus the demon with hes pet cat who captured deliciousbakedpie the first time!! he putted hard traps and obstacles and scary bits to stop you!! and you got to get past the abstract world as well!!! will you get past hes traps before its too late??? do thank spencergamer and one_program as for helping me with this game in team create!! spencer helped make monsters and obstacles and one_program helped me do make parts of the beginning!!

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only series on the wiki without "Orb" in it's name.

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The first deecal in COF1.